Country Swamis and Swaminis are Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s ‘right hand’. Their life mission is to spread Guruji’s teachings in their respective countries. If you have any spiritual enquiries, your country Swami is the best person to contact.


Swamini Vishwamohini was born, studied and started her spiritual journey in South Africa. Being already involved in spiritual practices for some years, she finally met her Guru Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda in 2006. In February 2012 Paramahamsa Vishwananda initiated her into Swamini.

From the first minutes of seeing Sri Swami Vishwananda she felt such a strong connection and love towards him that it changed her life completely. At the age of 45 the new stage of traveling and spreading the message of unconditional love started for her.

Initiated: February 2012

Joined the mission: 2006

Responsible for: India, Australia & Malaysia

Location: Vrindavan, India

Languages: English, Hindi